Monday, August 20, 2007

White Gates House

Perhaps the first design by architect Al Beadle, the White Gates House was probably influenced by the Farnsworth House, which was built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1951. Previous owners gutted the interior and scraped the landscape from the property. Eligible for the National Register of Historic Places, the house now sits vacant and neighbors are complaining about the blight it is creating for the area. The homes in the neighborhood sell in the seven figures and the property is valuable for redevelopment. If action is not taken soon, the owner may be required by the city to demolish the house and sell the property.

February 2008 Update:

  • From Alison King, Modern Phoenix Neighborhood Network: "The owner of the White Gates home (family home of Al Beadle), who was THIS CLOSE to leveling the place two years ago to rebuild on the site, went to court to fight the two blight charges on her property, and has now officially transformed into a Beadlemaniac. The owner wrote, 'We got a remodeling permit and are ready to submit a set of plans for a full restoration of the property.' Story starts here, or click on the 8th page to read the latest updates."

[For more information, contact Lynda Maze, owner, at 602-703-2333.]